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Avery Ambrefe is quickly making herself known in the world of dance and musical theater. She has been training in her home state of Massachusetts since she was two years old, and received many accolades throughout her years of competitive dance for extraordinary stage presence and technical ability. Avery completed her high school education at Ursuline Academy in June 2018 and received the Serviam Award, the highest honor given at graduation for excellence in service, leadership, academics, and character. 


Avery's training was furthered through Broadway Dance Center's Professional Semester, which she was invited to on scholarship after attending their Junior Training Program the previous summer. She served as Dance Captain for Salim "Slam" Gauwloos for the Professional Semester Showcase, and performed choreography by Chaz Wolcott, Justin Boccitto, and Sheila Barker. During her time at BDC, Avery has studied under acclaimed choreographers such as Richard Hinds, Sara Brians, Ray Hesselink, Shannon Lewis, Michael Mindlin, and many more. 


While she loves training in all styles, Avery will always have a soft spot for tap, and is proud to spend her Wednesday nights tap dancing with Beth Johnson Nicely at POPTAP! This group of dancers prioritizes spreading joy through movement, a goal that Avery is always striving towards. 


Avery's passion and hard work have earned her a spot in the Rockette Summer Intensive 2014-2019 including the last two summers at the prestigious Invitational Week. She put her precision skills to work performing in the 2019-2020 cast of "Deck The Halls" At Busch Gardens, directed and choreographed by Karma Camp. 


Her career has also taken her to MGM's Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi for "Christmas in the Air", and across the pond for two cruise contracts on Regent Explorer and Voyager Norwegian Creative Studios. She served as Dance Captain for the 2022 Reno production of Dublin Worldwide's "Christmas Wonderland" and she can't wait to see what's next!

When she's not dancing, Avery is studying Leadership and Communications virtually at the University of Pennsylvania on a full scholarship.

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