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Avery is a multi-hyphenate theater artist who loves all things dance! Based in NYC, Avery has traveled to over 55 countries as a performer. Both on and off stage, she is known for her charisma, joy, and attention to detail. As a student of Positive Psychology and Leadership,  Avery strives to create spaces where casts are empowered to do their best work and engage in energetic collaboration.


Avery's NYC training began with Broadway Dance Center's Professional Semester, which she was invited to on scholarship after attending their Junior Training Program the previous summer. She served as Dance Captain for Salim "Slam" Gauwloos for the Professional Semester Showcase and performed choreography by Chaz Wolcott, Justin Boccitto, and Sheila Barker. During her time at BDC, Avery has studied under acclaimed choreographers such as Richard Hinds, Sara Brians, Ray Hesselink, Shannon Lewis, Michael Mindlin, and many more. 


Her career has also taken her to multiple MGM locations as a dancer and associate choreographer. She completed two cruise contracts on Regent Explorer and Voyager Norwegian Creative Studios. Most recently, she joined the faculty at Broadway Dance Center's Children and Teens Program. 

When she's not dancing, Avery is studying Leadership and Communications virtually at the University of Pennsylvania on a full scholarship.

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